• turboexpander-applications
    Turboexpander Applications

    O.C. Turboexpanders manufactures Expanders for a wide spectrum of applications and industries including but limited to natural gas planets, green power solutions, air separation units, and industrial gas production. Our experienced technical team can design customized solutions based on a variety of client requirements.

  • Turboexpander Products

    O.C. Turboexpanders designs and produces a complete range of superior quality, turboexpander products. Our total of over 200 man-years of experience in Turboexpanders, has made us an acknowledged global leader in turboexpander solutions with unmatched efficiency and stellar reliability.

  • turboexpander-services
    Turboexpander Services

    O.C. Turboexpanders is committed to continually meeting and exceeding the global needs and expectations of its customers with the highest quality products and services. We will do so through a unique combination of skills, experience, and core competencies, with the attitude that customer satisfaction is the ultimate goal.

About O.C. Turboexpanders


O.C. Turboexpanders offers complete design and manufacturing of Turboexpander packages, auxiliary systems, PLC-based control systems, and other related equipment for the petrochemical, power generation, and air separation industries.

Located in Southern California, USA, O.C. Turboexpanders specializes in the production, repair, and service of Turbo-Machinery, especially Turboexpanders for the Oil & Gas, Power Generation, Air Separation industries and Energy Recovery Systems.
O.C. Turboexpanders has two facilities:

  • Headquarters and Engineering Office
  • Manufacturing Facilities

Both facilities are located south of Los Angeles.